Toppers Success File

IIT-JEE tests your intelligence, logic concepts and the confidence. But IIT-JEE is all about the act of manipulating the fundamentals. It manipulates them so intricately that only those aspirants with absolutely clear concepts can see through the trick. And that is the catch! but possessing this supreme insight necessitates experience, which no degree of preparation can provide. Toppers Success File offers precisely this experience of manipulating the concepts with precision of surgeon and ferocity of a winner.

You may choose and work out the problems in any order, but you have to make sure that no problem is omitted. After working out each problem successfully, recall how you arrived at the solution, and what principles and laws were involved in it. Do not refer to solutions without making a genuine attempt to answer the question. A little extra effort under the apt training of Toppers is all that is between "you" and the "IITs"!

Toppers Success File contains:
Concept Sheets
500 exam oriented questions in each Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
31 chapter practice test in each Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Five module tests
Ten All India Test series
Course Fee:

The course fee for Toppers Success File is Rs. 25000/- + G.S.T.

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