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Competitive entrance exams like the IIT-JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) are no easy walk - overs. They call for a reorientation of your learning process, a well - planned exercise of study, and a thorough sharpening of your problem solving and test - taking skills through long and patient practice. Developed and refined over years, Toppers Study Material for these exams are elaborate in theory and examples, and loaded with problems, assignments and tests. They are designed to take the diligent and ambitious students to a supreme state of competence and confidence to face these exams and win! This material covers extensively the fundamental principles and concepts involved, solved examples which highlight the application of these concepts and exercises for practice by the students.

We believe in simplicity, and simplicity simply means bringing order to complexity. The elegance and simplicity of the design of this study material is precisely taken care of so that not only do the students solve problems of this study material but also the knowledge of this lesson gets embedded into the minds of the students. The lines, the diagrams, the fonts and its sizes are of such elegant type that they can be easily found and not put stress on the vision of the child. The making of the study material was a quite remarkable experience in which we have seen the material that we are creating and innovating through the perspective of the students. We would really love to see students carrying this study material in their hands and solve the easy as well as difficult questions in it which will take them to the next level.


The entire course material has been divided into five Modules and each Module consists of lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Solved Examples, and of course, the most important part of the coaching programme, Exercise Problems. The concept of 'learning by example' has been stressed throughout the course. And the solved examples are just to show you the type of problems which you are expected to attempt from the exercise booklets (Toppers Practice Papers). The steps used to solve these Examples are elaborate so that you will get an idea about how to approach the Exercise Problems. You will also find previous years' JEE Main and Advanced questions amongst these Examples.


You will also find previous years' JEE Main ,JEE Advanced and NEET questions in these Lessons.


Problems on the relevant topics covered in each Module are compiled in the exercise booklet. These well-graded problems are researched and specially selected. Here too, you will find some of the previous year's questions. In addition to these exercise problems, there will be objectives for all three subjects in our Online Test Programs at

Method of Attempting Exercise Problems

Read the concepts first from the lesson booklets and then go through the Solved Examples. Observe the method adopted to tackle the various types of problems. Study each problem carefully and then attempt to solve it. You may find some of these problems very tough to crack at first attempt. Do not give up, go back to the Solved Examples, note how a similar problem is solved, and again try to solve the difficult problem as best as you can. Be sincere about answering the Problems; DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF OR YOUR PARENTS by copying the solutions from your colleague. This will only serve negative purpose. Avoid writing answers on the rough and then copying on fresh papers. This practice is both time-consuming and habit-forming. Solve the problems right away as original and avoid silly mistakes. Start with any lesson.

Solutions to Exercise Problems

There are different methods used to solve a problem. Solutions will be sent to you. When you receive these solutions, you must check your own attempts and also compare your solutions with our solutions. Whichever solutions are better presented and easier, you may adopt those methods.

Extra Problems

In your preparation for the JEE Main and Advanced you may be reading some books for additional reference and while doing so you might come across a few interesting and challenging problems. You may copy those problems and send them to us. All such problems received from students will be pooled together and our professors will select some good problems from this collection. These selected problems will be sent to all the students. By this arrangement, all the students will get the benefit of additional material supplied by their colleagues. When you send such problems for this pool you must also indicate the source (book, author, publishers etc) where these problems appear. For practical reasons we will not be able to acknowledge the additional problems received from students, nor will it be possible to correct them or supply solutions.

Online Tests (Including All India Test Series)

During this course there will be Ninety Three Chapter Practice Online Papers, Five Online Module Tests and Ten Full Syllabus Online Tests (All India Online Test Series). These tests are the most essential part of our program. Performance at these tests will indicate a student's progress in his/her preparation. Our Online Test Portal is

Delivery of Lessons :

Students will get these lessons Module wise. Three Modules in First Year which covers syllabus of 11th and Two Modules in Second Year which covers syllabus of 12th. Each Module covers around five to six lessons in each subject. These lessons can be delivered to students in digital form or printed form. The digital form of Study Material is delivered to students through our online portal. Printed Study Material is delivered to students through courier services.

Course Fee :

The course fee for one year program and two year program is same and is Rs. 10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) for digital (Online) and Rs. 30000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) in print Plus GST @18%.

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Postal Fee :

Course fee includes postal fee i.e. courier charges for printed study Material.