A Legacy of Goodwill

TOPPERS - the Brainchild of Mr. Praveen Kumar, a Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur was started in the year 1990 with an urge to set standards of excellence and perfection. TOPPERS – spells hope, determination, success and joy to thousands of students aspiring to get into IIT's and other Engineering Colleges.

We understand what it takes to create excellence. With our commitment, sincerity and quality we have produced results which are unparalleled. TOPPERS is known for innovative courses, cutting edge training methodologies, highly motivated and disciplined culture and modern 'corporatised' structure.

TOPPERS is driven by the passion for excellence. Popularity and demand for our program has been increasing exponentially throughout the country. TOPPERS has been reciprocating to the needs of students by creating several innovative programs such as Online live Classroom Learning, Online Learning Assessment anytime, anywhere.

The only corporatised education brand of its kind in the country, TOPPERS has to its credit many a number of firsts. TOPPERS pioneered specific IQ tests to ascertain the temperament and potential of a student. The students' score in this test helps us judge, in the beginning itself, his/her potential and the level of input required for his/her success. The features are unique to us and have helped in creating an equity that places us far ahead of others in the category. All this has given us tremendous results over the years. Today, an association with TOPPERS has all promise and potential of great success.